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Meet Deborah

What led you to Outlook?

I was recommended by an existing leader – I liked the idea of getting to know the team before the expedition and being involved with the training.

How long have you worked with Outlook?

3 years

Why do you enjoy leading for us?

The expeditions all seem to encompass a good mixture of physical challenge, such as trekking, with well thought out and meaningful project work plus plenty of fun activities. Whilst leading it is also good to know that there is a strong team back at base in the UK.

What personal expedition experience do you have (away from Outlook)?

I have travelled extensively on long trips to over 40 countries, including a solo trip across Tibet from Nepal to Beijing, 3 months trekking in South America and months in Kenya and South East Asia with my own children.

How many expeditions have you led?

I have led 2 expeditions for Outlook with a third planned for this year.

What are your top three Outlook Expedition experiences?

  1. All of us hearing and watching the Indri singing in the Madagascan rainforest.
  2. Watching, with the team, villagers rejoice and drink when we had helped fix their water-pump after many years of walking miles to another pump in Malawi.
  3. Being given the humble, but significant, gift of a small stick of sugar cane by the 90 year old village matriarch in South Madagascar.

What benefits of expeditions have you seen first-hand?

A rapid increase in self-confidence of members of the team when they achieve things they thought they wouldn’t manage. Strong feelings of empathy have been made between team members and local people, particularly during project work, which results in a greater respect and understanding of other people in the world.

What’s your funniest experience on an Outlook Expedition?

In hindsight – making wooden tongs to get a team member’s iPod out of a long-drop toilet at a campsite in Malawi – that was pretty silly. There are always a lot of laughs during expeditions.

What’s been the biggest challenge that you/your team have faced on an Outlook Expedition and how was it overcome?

The personal challenge of team members on a trek who found they could not keep up with the others. The team members themselves found amazing inner reserves and pushed on whilst their friends in the team showed outstanding compassion and support which made the team and the friendships stronger.

Sum up what expeditions are about in three words?

Fun learning experiences.

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