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Meet Sally

What led you to Outlook?

After having a few adventures of my own I started to think about how to make my preferred occupation a more regular job. Youth expeditions seemed a great opportunity to travel but also to develop young people and inspire the confidence in them to make their own adventures.

How long have you worked with Outlook?

Since 2012 when I was still working towards the Mountain Leader qualification and I worked as an Assistant Leader. Since then I’ve been on 4 trips and have 2 more booked this summer.

Why do you enjoy leading for us?

I really enjoy the job, helping young people to develop skills and confidence needed in their own travels and ambitions. Outlook has always been very supportive of me, the teachers and the students.

What personal expedition experience do you have (away from Outlook)?

I’ve loved travelling by bicycle since riding to Spain with a mate when we were just 20 years old. Eventually I plucked up the courage to leave the UK again, alone, and ended up cycling all the way to Singapore. Adventure becomes addictive so I was soon cycling from Mexico to Ecuador and later discovering mountaineering in the UK and abroad.

How many expeditions have you led?

I’ve been on 4 trips with Outlook; Morocco, Vietnam and Laos, Borneo and Ecuador. I’ve got 2 more booked this summer, returning to Morocco and my first time in India!

What are your top three Outlook Expedition experiences?

  1. Completing a tough trek with a team is always a great achievement but I’ll always remember how one student really struggled but got to the top with the support and encouragement of her team mates. I think she might have hated me and the trek at the time but she achieved something she had thought was impossible!
  2. Swimming with sea lions and sharing their beach in the Galapagos Islands was amazing. They played with us in the water and lounged in the sand posing for photos.
  3. Mount Kinabalu in Borneo is still my favourite mountain. It’s a simply stunning piece of granite rising 4000m out of steamy jungle. I’m so lucky to have been to the summit along with the entire team who pushed to the top together.

What benefits of expeditions have you seen first-hand?

From meeting the students at their school for the first time to handing them back at the airport at the end of the trip, it’s a big learning curve for everybody. The students gain confidence, independence, and maturity and learn about the world, team work and empathy.

What’s your funniest experience on an Outlook Expedition?

So many funny moments, put any group of people together in a challenging situation and the laughs usually flow, especially with young people.

What’s been the biggest challenge that you/your team have faced on an Outlook Expedition and how was it overcome?

We had a fairly serious medical issue one trip which upset the team and put some strain on the leader team too. We had to keep the momentum of the expedition going, maintain morale and include the affected student as much as possible without putting too much on her. We were lucky to have an incredibly resilient and supportive team of young people who just got on with things and really looked after each other.

Sum up what expeditions are about in three words:

Type 2 Fun.

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