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Our Expedition Training takes place in some of the most inspirational locations in the UK, such as Snowdonia, the Peak District, the New Forest or the Central Highlands of Scotland. Your teamwork and putting into action the lessons you have learnt during your development days. Outlook will ensure that your expedition training will be appropriately challenging whilst also being enjoyable and packed full of learning. The focus of the training is to give you the chance to put in to action the lessons you have learnt during your Development Days and ensure that you, as an individual and as a group member, feel prepared for your expedition.

Expedition Training will vary slightly from team to team depending on the expedition itinerary, it will definitely be however, enjoyable and packed full of learning. You are likely to be involved in the following activities;

  • Campcraft - living under canvas can be a challenge. Learn how to choose a good site, put up and pack away your tent quickly and properly, organise your belongings to ensure a comfortable night with maximum space and of course experience sleeping in your tent with your tent mates!
  • Cooking - feeding a team of hungry people isn't easy in a kitchen with a large budget! You will already have planned your menu and been shopping for supplies before arriving at Expedition Training, this will be used as a basis to discuss what makes good expedition food and how to make the best of your budget. You will also be taught how to cook outside on stoves safely and effectively and finally how to clean up and care for your cooking equipment.
  • First Aid - basic training to ensure you feel confident to assist if needed.
  • Equipment - during your weekend you will master the art of packing, unpacking and repacking your rucksack and how to use any new kit that you may be taking on expedition - from breaking in new boots to walking with poles, setting up a hammock or using a rope to cross a river.
  • Hygiene - life in the outdoors takes careful thought. Your leader will go through how to ensure you keep up maximum hygiene standards even when you may not have access to a bathroom or running water. This is incredibly important to make sure you don't get poorly on expedition.
  • Team games - by this point in the expedition programme you should know your team mates well. This is a chance to bond even further and really get to know each other outside of the school environment.
  • Trek - treks are set to try and offer the same level of challenge as your expedition. The areas where we run Expedition Training are renowned for not only their natural beauty but also the nature of the terrain and the environment; perfect for testing your personal fitness and teamwork.
  • Get to know your Expedition Leader - Your expedition training will be led by your Expedition Leader - the same person who will be leading your team on your overseas expedition. The weekend gives you a great opportunity to get to know them and for them to get to know you, making sure strong relationships are developed before you even step on the plane! During the weekend your Expedition Leader will be responsible for keeping the group safe at all times and providing opportunities to practice the things you need to learn.

Please note that due to the nature of the itinerary some expedition programmes do not include an Expedition Training weekend. If you are unsure of this or any programme details at all, please contact your Programme Coordinator at Outlook Expeditions.

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